Ruckus & Co. Inc. is an elite supplier of credentials and all the items that touch a credential.  When you want it good…when you want it custom…contact Ruckus for:
  • Event and Identification Credentials
  • Silkscreen and Dye Sublimation Lanyards in any configuration
  • Badge Holders of all types, including special sizes and shapes
  • Retractable Badge Reels
  • Clips, Magnets, Pins, and Findings
  • Access Control and RFID Cards
  • Membership and Loyalty Cards
  • Flat Printed Plastics of all shapes and sizes
  • Creative Solutions for Promotional Products Distributors
  • Consultation Services available to ID Industry Distributors and Dealers

UPIC RUCKUS ~ PPAI 658743  ~ SAGE 50792  ~  ASI 84119

About Us

We are a young company run by Karl Allen Ziegler, The Swell Guy and a manager with over 30 years experience in the ID and credentials industry. The market has changed and we have moved with those changes. Increasingly our clients are discovering any credential is an extension of image and branding. We offer expert consultation and quality products that promise premium results.

If you want to know why we should work together the following will be helpful

We have located and built relationships with the best factories around the world. We have developed strong personal relationships with the owners. Many times we have met the spouses and children and have participated in significant family events.  We know and spend time with the workers. We stand on the factory floors and imagine the great work we can do together.

This hands-on approach is a very effective way to ensure a factory’s integrity and that work is done the right way. Our orders receive priority. These companies know us and will not fail when the demand is great. In many cases we are considered part of the team…part of the family.

We constantly challenge the status quo. Complacency or settling for something less is not in our DNA, and as a brand our culture is to dissect every single decision we make at every level. We are relentless in this effort.

We know our customers are also rule breakers and questioners, so we hope this philosophy is palpable in the products and choices we make. When we say make a Ruckus we mean it. We do not look to meet the demand, we look to exceed the demand.

We do not quite get musicals staring Ewan McGregor and sitcoms with overbearing laugh tracks, but we do understand great ideas, delivering quality, being on time and doing what we say we will do.

We believe in transparency. We believe in truth telling. We believe in doing our best for our clients every day. We believe to be successful we must have mutual benefit and we work hard to make that happen.

There is not one person in your organization, our organization, or any Fortune 500 company that we can not engage in conversation. We are equally adept at meeting with any CEO as we are at finding out what is up with the folks out in production or on the shipping dock.

We believe in greater purpose. For every single dollar spent with our company we will give back a portion locally and on a global scale. We are convinced every single person on this earth has value and should have access to clean water, wholesome food, affordable heath care, and a reasonable opportunity to have a good life.

We dig creating unique solutions to problems. You love calling guys like us when you need to solve a problem. Have an idea? Let’s talk. Need an idea? Let’s talk. Our line is open.

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Contact information

Ruckus & Co., Inc.
Greenwood, SC 29649

(864) 844 – 8115